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 Opening June First!

Scheduling Appointments Now!

Spa Hours of Operation:

  Tuesday-       10:00-7:00

  Wednesday- 10:00-7:00

  Thursday-     12:00-7:00

  Saturday-     10:00-3:00

The Experience:

The Spa at Shear Paradise is unlike any other experience in our area. A receptionist will greet you, show you to your locker- lock and key provided. You will then receive a plush, heavy weighted robe and rubber sandals. Enter the spa into the relaxation room where a 9-foot whirlpool spa tub awaits.

The relaxation room also boasts a two seated eucalyptus steam room and deck loungers. Guests are invited to relax and enjoy these complimentary amenities one hour prior, and one hour after, your treatment sessions. 

Meet the Team

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